“I was having a difficult time coping with the guilt associated with grief and it was making it very hard for me to move on. I kept repeating the upsetting scenes over and over in my head, blaming myself continuously. In one session.  EFT allowed me to think about what I was feeling and why, and I was able to...
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VB, PA , Kent

“The reason why I like to do EFT sessions with Joelle is that she is good at listening and unveiling issues that you have just not thought about or thought were irrelevant. I have uncovered many issues (including deep ones) with her help and am thankful for it.” Back
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LD, Vice President, London W14

“My EFT sessions have changed everything. We’ve worked on subjects ranging from my fear of spiders to huge issues such as massive low self esteem, jealousy and money worries. My whole outlook on life is now so positive and I feel things have a purpose. I can’t explain the power of EFT, but the small to great issues we’ve tackled...
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SS, Assistant, Surrey

I saw Joelle in order to get help with my life-long fear of public speaking. The most powerful part of the EFT process for me was self discovery – finally being able to understand exactly why I had this fear in the first place. Thanks to EFT, I no longer feel any sort of fear or panic at the prospect...
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FM, Director, London , E14

A 20 minute EFT session with Joelle in a car park was all that it took to completely cure me of my 20 year-old fear of driving on a motorway in the dark! That night, I drove happily and confidently on a journey that I had not taken before feeling calm and in control. EFT really can work – at...
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GB, Homoeopath, London, SE16

Before I had EFT, the mere thought of a needle made me feel nauseous and I would dread having to go to the doctors. Working with Joelle has helped me overcome my phobia of needles and even though I will never enjoy or like having injections, I am now able to cope with having them without the added anxiousness. I...
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EK, Assistant, Kent

I truly feel enlightened! After spending almost 20 years dreading any form of public speaking; through practising EFT with Joelle, I can now stand in front of a public audience and speak without displaying those dreaded adverse reactions. No shaky voice, trembling fingers, pumping heartbeat or shortness of breath! Now, not only do I have confidence in what I am...
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LO, Manager, London E11

I have received EFT treatment from Joelle and it changed my life! Less anxiety and more relaxed in every day life. Thank you sooo much Joelle, you changed my life :) SJ Back
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EFT Canada Water SE16, London, SE1, SE8, E1W, E14
What is EFT?

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Which Fear would YOU like to be free of?

  • Public Speaking?
  • Flying?
  • Heights?
  • Attending Interviews?
  • Performing on stage?
  • Meeting new people?
  • Spiders / mice / creatures?
  • Dentist / needles?
  • Taking Exams?
  • Attending auditions?
EFT Canada Water SE16, London, SE1, SE8, E1W, E14
Let me help you!

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